Sigma signs purchase agreement to convert class 2 vehicles for advanced drivetrain testing using ZEVX electrification solution

GILBERT, Ariz., Nov. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Zero Electric Vehicles, Inc., (ZEV) today announced a signed purchase agreement with Sigma Powertrain to convert two Class 2 vehicles using Sigma Powertrain Inc’s, (SIGMA) multi-speed gearbox connected to the Cascadia iM-225 motor for testing and demonstration. This advanced gearbox is designed with a fully integrated CANbus control system to optimize gear ratio performance, low-end torque, and power efficiency through motor RPM range. The motor/gearbox are plumbed for cooling, making the integration identical to ZEV’s existing electrification drivetrain.

“ZEV and Sigma provide an immediate sustainable alternative to waiting for OEMs to deliver! We can start your electrification journey now leveraging  SIGMA’s innovative clutch design which provides us the ability to address higher gross vehicle weight (GVW) applications for our clients. ZEV is currently working on heavier Class 3 vehicles and some Class 4 applications, whereas this gearbox package will produce predictable and reliable performance across a wide-range of environmental and elevation conditions,” said Jay Ennesser, ZEV SVP of Sales.

ZEV<>SIGMA will offer this solution as part of ZEV’s ATHENA product line, focusing on affordable, fast turnaround vehicle powertrain conversions to meet near-term sustainability goals. This new drivetrain will not affect ZEV vehicle turnaround time, and the ZEV<>SIGMA engineering teams are working closely on the firmware and software control interfaces to support legacy shifter controls from existing vehicle platform. This will include paddle shift control when applicable (new model year Sprinter and Ford), and this will enable the driver to manually control and hold gear settings as required by load or elevation.

“The ATHENA product line from ZEV<>SIGMA provides a refreshing performance upgrade for last mile delivery vehicles. Fleet operators will be pleased to use an optimized all-electric powertrain that can climb grades and hit highway speeds. Multi-ratio EV powertrains are the future of electric commercial trucks,” said Jimmy Moore of Sigma Powertrain.

ZEV<>SIGMA advanced drivetrain will be in production by January 2022. The benefits will impact all vehicle types, including heavier payload and bucket style vehicles. Improvements include vehicle range for both urban and highway driving, higher gradeability, better acceleration from lower speeds, and ability to manually hold gears using existing in-vehicle gear shift method.

About ZEV:

Zero Electric Vehicles (ZEV) is an Arizona based Company with deep engineering roots that strives to be the worldwide leader in electrification for light and medium duty fleet vehicles. ZEV’s proprietary powertrain (batteries and drive motor) configuration and rapid conversion turnaround of existing fleet vehicles will accelerate EV adoption globally and provide customers the support infrastructure, fleet services and knowledge they need to transform fleet operations to meet sustainability goals. ZEV’s primary mission is to enable EV participation across the existing automotive and mobility ecosystem and support fleets through their electrification journey while scaling through democratized partnerships and making the ‘dream’ of EV accessible to all.

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Livonia, MI — Sigma Powertrain (SIGMA) develops state-of-the-art electric powertrain technology for commercial trucks. With over 100 years of combined experience in the automotive industry, Sigma Powertrain’s core team holds over 50 patents in electric powertrains.

SIGMA is leading the way forward with innovative clutch technology for electric commercial vehicles. This technology enables faster shift times, improved NVH, and improved efficiency. The fully electric MID and EMAX powertrains provide solutions for Class 1-6 and Class 6-8 commercial vehicles, respectively. Use a common chassis configuration with central drive; the entire powertrain is no bigger than a traditional transmission. Sigma Powertrain is a full-service electric powertrain company specializing in vehicle integration, application engineering, manufacturing, and technical support.

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