Technical Support

ZEVx serves as the Single-Point-of-Contact for our customers & fleet managers.

The ZEVx Helpdesk is the 1st call for reporting service issues.

The ZEVx team owns the entire lifecycle of the service event to ensure responsive and quality issue resolution.

Our process leverages our certified Authorized Service Provider (ASPs) network for in-region support backed by Level 1 – 3 support provided by centralized ZEVx experts.


For existing customers, contact the ZEVx Helpdesk using either method below. Please review the Issue Response Guidelines to the right.

Telephone (24×7 coverage)

888.321.4ZEV (888.321.4938)

Email (Non-urgent issues)

Issue Response Guidelines

Vehicle is disabled, or there is significant business impact.

Please contact our Helpdesk via Telephone and provide the call specialist the details of your issue.

You will receive a call back from the on-call tech support specialist within two hours.

Trouble indication but vehicle is operational.

Please contact our Helpdesk via Telephone, or Email and provide the details of your issue.

You will receive a response from a tech support specialist within 8 hours during business hours Monday-Friday.

General support inquiries.

Please contact our Helpdesk via Email.

Email response within two business days.


Included in the Athena EV conversion price, our customers are entitled to following warranty service:


5-years / 100,000 miles

ZEVx Components

3-years / 36,000 miles (standard warranty)

5-years / 100,000 miles (upgrade 2)

Support Process Flow

This diagram describes the steps, actions and decisions taken to resolve a customer issue.