Breezeline is the first U.S. cable operator to convert an internal combustion engine aerial bucket truck to full electric power.

QUINCY, Mass., July 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Breezeline, the nation’s eighth-largest cable operator, has deployed the first of what will be a fleet of bucket trucks retrofitted with electric power. Breezeline is the first cable operator in the United States to convert a legacy, gas-powered vehicle to electric for both its drivetrain and aerial boom.

Breezeline plans to transition its fleet of gas-powered internal combustion engine vehicles to electric power over time by replacing end-of-life vehicles with new electric vehicles (EVs) and converting its existing fleet to electric power.

“Breezeline is leading the way in the cable industry to transform our legacy fleets with a zero-emission, green energy solution,” said Frank van der Post, president of Breezeline. “This is a major step in our commitment to reduce our operational emissions by 65% by 2030 and achieve net zero emissions by 2050.”

Breezeline has partnered with ZEVXTM to deploy the electric power retrofit solution. ZEVX battery electric powertrain and power system products are designed to quickly migrate Class 2-5 commercial fleet assets to zero carbon using existing automotive service infrastructure.

“We are excited to partner with Breezeline to introduce an industry-first fully electric bucket truck,” said Sydney Dunn, senior vice president of sales and field operations at ZEVX. “By transforming today’s traditional internal combustion engine fleets into highly efficient EVs, Breezeline will make great progress toward its bold zero emissions goals.”

Breezeline will brand the retrofitted trucks with a green icon to indicate the vehicle’s 100% electric, zero-emission technology and to highlight the company’s environmental commitments.

A year ago, Breezeline announced that it had begun to deploy new electric vehicles in its sales fleet, with plans thereafter to transition technician vans and trucks to electric. The company intends to obtain 100% of its energy consumption from renewable sources by 2030, with an approved science-based emissions reduction target.

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Cogeco US, operating as Breezeline, a subsidiary of Cogeco Communications Inc. (TSX: CCA), is the eighth-largest cable operator in the United States. The company provides its residential and business customers with Internet, TV and Voice services in 13 states: Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. Cogeco Communications Inc. also operates in Québec and Ontario, in Canada, under the Cogeco Connexion name. Cogeco Inc.’s subsidiary, Cogeco Media, owns and operates 21 radio stations as well as a news agency serving audiences primarily in the province of Québec.


ZEVX is a worldwide leader in delivering intelligent EV systems powering commercial class 2 to 5 vehicles, power takeoff, reefer refrigeration, and EV infrastructure such as charging stations. ZEVX has a series of battery electric powertrain and power system products that can quickly migrate commercial fleet assets to zero carbon. ZEVX has a service mission to support customers through a deep partner network using existing automotive service infrastructure. This provides for rapid adoption through our service network to install and deliver advanced data intelligence for fleet asset customers to optimize their carbon transition. For more information, please visit

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