Mobile Charging Units™

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Mobile charging solutions capable of providing EV charging in locations where charge station infrastructure is not available or insufficient. ZEVx Mobile Charging Units are available in mobile EV vehicles as well as trailer systems in a range of energy storage options.  Each provide DC Fast Charge inputs and outputs.

The Worldwide Leader in Mobile EV Charging.

Fleet parking locations, commercial parking garages, remote parking lots, large events; ZEVx Mobile Charging Units provide remote charging for any EV when stationary EV charging infrastructure is unavailable.

Emergency road service and rescue charging of EV vehicles that are out-of-range and unable to drive to an EV charging station. ZEVx Mobile Charging Units travel to the EVs in need of a charge.

Ideal solution for fleets that are always on the move and travel to remote locations where charge infrastructure is not yet available. Transport the ZEVx Mobile Charging Unit with you to the location of your fleet.

The ZEVx Mobile Charging Unit is available in a Van, Trailer, and soon a Truck Bed. To learn more about the specifications for our Mobile Charging Units please download the Sell Sheet by completing the form below.

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