ZEVx premier battery technology enters the market with mobile charging units

GILBERT, AZ – March 12, 2024 – ZEVxTM, Inc., a worldwide leader in EV mobile charging, today announced it will launch its Mobile Charging Unit (MCU) at the 2024 EV Charging Summit & Expo in Las Vegas on March 20-22. ZEVx MCU technology addresses the insufficient charging infrastructure that has slowed the adoption of electric vehicles.

The ZEVx MCU combines energy management and remote vehicle charging technologies that will deliver on-demand mobile charging to customers using advanced high density battery packs and ZEVx proprietary charging solutions. The company recently completed a pilot program, in which vehicles equipped with ZEVx MCUs successfully provided EV charging across a wide range of vehicles for fleets, rental cars, and roadside rescue.

“As a leader in advanced high density battery pack technology, we are positioned to offer fleets and other service organizations revolutionary charging solutions to operational issues caused by inadequate infrastructure.” said Craig Johnston, Vice President, Product Management of ZEVx. “Utilizing our mobile charging products, companies are now able to offer fully mobile and trailer based stationary charging to fleets and consumers in locations where the electrical infrastructure is unavailable or insufficient.”

The ZEVx MCU can be installed in a vehicle (cargo area), trailer, or bed of a truck and can be used in mobile and stationary charge and Battery Electric Energy Storage (BEES) applications. ZEVx MCUs include up to 480kWh battery capacity coupled with two or more DC Fast Charge output cables, capable of charging multiple vehicles simultaneously (using both the NACS and CCS1 charging standard connectors). Recharging the MCU can be completed using either L2 or L3 charge stations as well as connection to shore power inputs.

About ZEVx
ZEVx is a worldwide leader in EV mobile charging. ZEVx innovative and proprietary battery pack technology delivers energy solutions for mobile and stationary applications where the electrical infrastructure is unavailable or insufficient.

For more information, please visit zevx.com.

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