“We believe in collaboration not competition.”

– Carolyn Maury, CFO

Invest in a Sustainable Future.

ZEVX Innovation Center

  • Located in Gilbert, Arizona, ZEVX is located in an excellent location for eMobility supply chain.
  • Major ZEVX suppliers and partners have committed to build manufacturing sites in the valley.
  • State and Local Government incentives are attractive for economic development.
  • Utilities/Businesses are looking at new incentives to accelerate growth.
  • Strong higher education system and vocational schools preparing the EV workers of tomorrow.
  • Growing Logistics center for EV manufacturing and product deployment nationwide.

ZEVX is on path to be the world-wide leader in electrification for light/medium duty fleet vehicles:

  • Oversubscribed Seed and Bridge Round

  • Products Demonstrating Scalability on 8+ Different Platforms

  • 8 Billion Dollar eMobility Solution Market Opportunity

  • Committed Strategic Suppliers for Key Components For The Next 8 Years (Battery Modules, Drive Units, Telematics, etc.)

  • Management Team has Demonstrated Success Within Automotive Hardware, Battery Technologies, Thermal Management, Software, and Supply Chain Management

  • Investment Opportunities Available

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