Electric Powertrain Kits™

Electric Powertrain Kits™

Electric Powertrain Kits

ZEVx (re)powers the Ford F Series and E Series. Our range of battery electric powertrain and power system products swiftly transition your commercial fleet assets to zero carbon. The patent-pending ZEVx Electric Powertrain Kit ensures that all original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components remain fully functional, and existing driver control functions are supported throughout the (re)powering process.

Battery System
Modular Battery Pack, Assembled by ZEVx, Powered by LGES Modules.

Thermal Management System
Coolant system for battery pack, inverter, on-board charger/DC-DC, and interface for in-cabin heating/cooling. 13 different modes controlled through ZEVx control logic, heating and cooling capable for every system necessary.

Vehicle control unit, high/low voltage power distribution, DC-DC/on-board charger, connected gateway module, high/low voltage harnesses, and display.

eDrive Unit
225kW permanent magnet motor and inverter with a proprietary gear reducer.

Data Services
Available through subscription. Fleet telematics, open API for third party fleet management, and enhanced control logic customized to your fleet’s requirements.

For more information about models, years, range, etc. or to learn about openZEVX please download a sell sheet below.

MCU – Trailer
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MCU – Vehicle
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Ford E-Series
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Ford F-Series
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