Power Commercial Systems Through EMS

EMS: Energy Management System

EMS Systems power ac reefer units for long haul trailer applications, removing diesel generators

Intelligent Power Packs for EV charging stations. Capacity is customizable for various charger applications

Power your electric systems with the ZEVX EMS pack. A configurable, adaptable, and low cost electrification solution


A 400Vn or 800Vn battery pack solution for mobile refrigeration applications, this includes the DC-AC inverter, solar charge converter (optional), mounting interfaces, battery management system, thermal management system (including radiator, shroud, condenser, pumps, and valves), power control unit, on-board charger, charge port, and HV interface for cables to AC unit. Offered as 124kWh, other options available.

A 400Vn or 800Vn battery pack with advanced thermal management enabling level 3 DC fast charge level current for eMobility charging. Total capacity is configurable based on storage required.

EMS Charging Fleets