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ZEVX’S ATHENA: Fleet Electrification

ATHENA is a Low-Cost, Rapid Turnaround eMbolity Solution for Commercial Applications

Zeus Kit

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eMobility Powertrain

Modular Battery Pack, Assembled by ZEVX, Powered by LGES Modules

Coolant system for battery pack, inverter, on-board charger/DC-DC, and interface for in-cabin heating/cooling. 13 different modes controlled through ZEVX control logic, heating and cooling capable for every system necessary

Vehicle control unit, high/low voltage power distribution, DC-DC/on-board charger, connected gateway module, high/low voltage harnesses, and display

225kW permanent magnet motor and inverter with a proprietary gear reducer

Available through subscription. Fleet telematics, open API for third party fleet management, and enhanced control logic customized to your fleet’s requirements

ATHENA Fleet Management Portal 

  • Real time vehicle speed, route, system temperature and operating data

  • Intelligent power management providing average Wh/mile

  • Gateway in ATHENA enables cloud connectivity through ZEVX embedded abstraction layer

  • Reporting on route efficiency optional

  • Over-the-Air updates

ATHENA Charge Partner

Blink offers extensive options for all level 2 applications, Inquire for pricing and installation

Level 3 charging available and offered on ATHENA eMobility solution as an option, pricing varies and is dependent on installation infrastructure

ZEVX products are compatible with nationwide Level 2 J1772 and Level 3 charging station CCS1 ports

ATHENA Fleet Assessments

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