ZEV is already on the path of being the world leader in light and medium-sized vehicle electrification.

TEMPE, Ariz., July 14, 2021 – Zero Electric Vehicles, Inc. (ZEV), announced today the development of a revolutionary, low-cost, plant-based “passive” thermal management technology for BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) mobility applications. ZEV uses decomposed plant matter that phase-changes from gel to liquid to cool down the battery, versus a cooling plate or freon. ZEV provides affordable EV (Electric Vehicle) conversion kits for diesel and gas fleets, without impacting vehicle weight.

“We are thrilled to announce this breakthrough. Dr. Kannan and his team have worked tirelessly to pioneer this new method to stabilize battery thermal management during faster charge/discharge cycling. This innovation is a shining example of the focus and commitment ZEV has to offer towards the next chapter in EV adoption,” said Carolyn Maury, ZEV CEO.

All EV vehicles currently have lithium-ion battery systems (LIB). LIB’s have several advantages over other battery systems: higher capacity voltage, producing more energy and density, lower discharge rates, and providing a longer life cycle. The disadvantage of the current LIB system is that safety remains a major concern in electric power equipment. Liquid electrolytes contain combustible organic solvents, increasing the risk of fire during increased charge and discharge operations, particularly in larger modules. The revolutionary passive thermal management system with the eutectic mixture PCM is shown to ensure exceptionally safe thermal uniformity and higher charging/unloading rates.

“ZEV’s immersive method to passive battery temperature control is a significant breakthrough in LIB thermal stability across operating temperatures and fast charge/discharge cycling, improving battery performance, cycle life, and safety for ZEV customers,” said Dr. A.M. Kannan, ZEV Chief Scientist and Lead Inventor on the announcement.

One ZEV conversion saves 384 trees every year. Their expertise lies in fleet electrification, in particular, Class 2 Sprint 2500 Cargo and Passenger Vans. ZEV will teach and show you how to electrify your fleet of vehicles, working side by side with you and your team. Then, providing you with a quick, “turn-key” electrification journey from the use of software, charging capabilities, and adapting your vehicles fully.

 ZEV’s mission is to eliminate 144 million pounds of CO2 emissions from our atmosphere annually. 

Their proprietary powertrain configurations and quick conversion of existing fleet vehicles (batteries and drive engines) will accelerate global EV adoption and offer customers the support infrastructure, fleet management services, and expertise they need to transform their fleet and quickly meet sustainability targets.

ZEV’s primary objective is to allow EV participation throughout the existing car and mobility ecosystem and support fleets on their electrification voyage while making the dream of EV accessible to all through democratized partnerships.